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Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Mobile Systems offers the best names in the industry for interior speakers and sub-woofers. We are most proud to offer Focal’s whole line, and offer JL Audio’s whole line to our long list of brand names. We even carry the famous JL Audio stealth box, call today to find out if one is available for your ride.

Sub Woofers for Cars

Subwoofers provide the low end of the audio in your mobile stereo. Again a lot of advances have been made to subwoofers but not really to decrease their size. A lot of manufacturers have come out with slime style or shallow mount subwoofers, but these subwoofers still require a properly constructed speaker boxes, and most speaker boxes are still large. Mobile Systems offers some of the best engineered and hand constructed subwoofer enclosures known to the market. Our custom subwoofer enclosures are guaranteed to out last and out perform the competition.

JL Car Audio Subwoofers

JL Audio has lead the mobile audio industry for years and still continues today with their USA engineered and manufactured subwoofers, amplifiers and factory integration technology.

The model numbers for the subwoofers may not have changed over the years, but the technology sure has. The new subwoofer models are just as reliable as they were in the past, but with higher power handling, higher output, and deeper bass. Please click the pictures below to read in deeper detail of JL Audio subwoofer models.

If you’re looking for huge bass in a tiny space, then look no further than the picture below. The picture below is of the JL Audio slim line subwoofers, and these little beasts come with only a 2.6 inch deep mounting depth.

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