Mobile Systems is dedicated to offering the finest products the market can offer for radar, laser, and lidar protection. We have chosen only the best in the market to offer our valued customers. Not all products we carry in these category have been listed, so if you don't see the product your interested in please call us for pricing and availability.

Escort and K40 are both fine brands when it comes to radar and lidar protection. But like all name brands they have their differences. K40 for example provides both front and rear radar detection and only front laser out of the box. K40 will provide rear laser protection with upgrades or laser defuser package. While Escort provides laser protection in the front, rear and radar in the front only. The display and controls of the systems have the largest differences that are visible after install. K40 still uses the same display technology that they have used for years. After the install is complete, all that you will see are the two whte leds mounted where ever you want them to be mounted. The two leds represent the front and rear sensor. The control for the system is wireless Bluetooth remote that stays hidden until you need it. Escort again has stuck with a technology that they trust and has worked for them. The display is a concealed led panel that displays front, rear laser, and radar warnings. The controls for the Passport system are built into another hidden module that is the same size as the display.


Mid City Electronics is another company that allows for truly seamless integration of both the K40 and Escort models into Mercedes Benz only. There module allows for the display of warnings on the factory screen in the gauge cluster. Additional parts and labor are required for this type of install and are only available for Mercedes Benz models, please call for details.


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