Whatís a Carputer you ask? Well a carputer is nothing more than a computer installed in your vehicle. Mobile Systems is at the cutting edge of carputers, and these amazing devices can do anything from storing 100ís of gigs of music and video, to navigation, or even could be used for a sound processor in a high end sound quality system. Please give us call to discover the endless possibilities that a computer in your car can bring.

The functions and abilities of a carputer are almost endless. They can do any thing from navigation, satellite radio, HD radio, Bluetooth hands free, mp3, Ipod integration, video, and rear seat entertainment. With todays efficient and powerful CPUís you could even build a small computer to play games and video on at the same time for rear seat entertainment. All the computers functions would be controlled via a touch screen either mounted in the head rests or as a drop down. The same would go for the computer in the front; all input from the user would be controlled by the touch screen.


Carputer Functions