Mobile Systems lineup of amplifiers includes only the best the market offers for both entry level and high end. All brands listed above offer all kinds of amplifiers, from mono-blocks for your head pounding bass to two and four channel amplifiers for crisp and clear mid-bass and highs for your interior speakers.

Mobile amplifiers have increased their efficiency while decreasing their size since they were first introduced. Mono block amplifiers have seen the most advances in both power supply and output design. This is mainly true due to the huge want of loud subwoofers in every type of automobile, the class of the 4 channel or internal amplifier as it has been known in the industry has seen some huge advances in the past 5 years. These new class’s for the amplifier add to the efficiency of the design, which means the amplifier will run cooler, use less power, take up less physical space in your vehicle, all while the sound quality is not effected.


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Mobile Amplifiers

Mono Block vs. Multiple Channel Amplifiers

Mosconi, High End Italian Amplifier
Innovation is key to Focal Sound
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Rockford Fosgate, Car audio for fanatics